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ecture and conversation WITH Thomas Schmid (journalist)

After becoming independent from France, the former colonies in West Africa have always maintained privileged relationships with the former colonial power. Now France's influence is waning and other powers are stepping into the vacuum.

In his lecture, Thomas Schmid reports on France's declining colonial power and then invites the audience to join in the conversation. As a foreign reporter, Thomas Schmid has reported primarily from the Balkans, Latin America and the Maghreb, but also from Mali and Senegal.

The Swiss man, born in 1950, has a degree in sociology, has lived in Berlin since 1973 and has worked as a journalist since 1979. He worked for the taz for 17 years (including as editor-in-chief), then as a freelancer for the "Zeit", among others, as a foreign reporter for the "Berliner Zeitung" and later as an editor for Swiss weekly magazines.
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