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1973 - 2023: 50 years of the Gropiusstadt community center

In April 1973, the foundation stone for the Gropiusstadt community center was laid in Neukölln. District councilor Gertrud Junge, who also gave the district library its name, campaigned for Gropiusstadt to have a center for culture, leisure and community. For 50 years, the community center has always been happy to welcome all interested people.

For the 50th birthday there is a colorful birthday program for young and old.

Program Friday, September 8th

Let's talk about the future of the community center!
4:00 p.m., foyer/restaurant
Gropiusstadt residents discuss with Sharmila Sharma, Patrick Foehl and QM Gropiusstadt what the future profile of the community center could look like.

5:30 p.m., Great Hall
Opening with City Councilor for Culture Karin Korte and Anna Maier, management of the community center.

Thelma Buabeng and Celine Bostic: Security
5:45 p.m., Great Hall
In a humorous, satirical way, Thelma Buabeng reflects a cross-section of society, spontaneously and improvised, with five characters, all of whom she plays herself. Together with musician Celina Bostic, she combines political comedy with appropriate songs.

Club Oval: Crossover Dance Battle
7:00 p.m., Great Hall
Hip-hop vs. flamenco, vogueing vs. krump: Club Oval brings the city's best dance talents together on an oval dance floor to compete against each other in their own styles.

Program Saturday September 9th

Colorful program
1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., inner courtyard
Performance of the music school choirs, getting to know the offers and groups, drinks, cabaret and family program with creative offers.

Berlin Illusionists
2:00 p.m., Great Hall
This unique combination of theater play and magic enchants above all with spectacular tricks, breathtaking effects and an exciting story.

The Razzzelgang
3:15 p.m., Small Hall
At the music theater show you can sing (along), dance (along), laugh (along) and of course, above all, beatbox (along).

Khalid Bounouar & Elissa Hamurcu
4:00 p.m., Great Hall
Khalid Bounouar is one of the most popular young comedians in Germany.

Mrs. Horsemen
4:30 p.m., Small Hall
Country classics, oldies and rock classics.

Fujiama Nightclub goes Gropiusstadt
6:30 p.m., Great Hall
Show revue, as colourful, creative and international as Neukölln. Talented young bands and singers present their skills.

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