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The Jubilee Concert

100 women, 20 years, 2 orchestras - The Women's Wind Orchestra celebrates its big anniversary and invites you to a concert in the Great Broadcasting Hall of the RBB Berlin.

Umptata was yesterday. 100 women and 2 orchestras play: Yiddishe melancholy, African rhythms, Tango Nuevo, hot jazz, ska, funk, passionate Latin, legendary rock, Norwegian groove and more...

The varied music programme of the women's brass orchestra and the women's ensemble holz&blech will be presented by Boussa Thiam. So guests can not only listen to the music, but also learn more about the history and funny background moments of the two orchestras.

What has happened in these 20 years?

In 2003, the association was founded by 38 women under the direction of Astrid Graf and since then it has grown so quickly that in 2009 a second orchestra, the Berlin women's ensemble holz&blech, was formed within FBOB e.V.. Since then, the association has contributed to the musical diversity of Berlin's culture - through concerts in halls, churches and public places. The orchestra has continued to form partnerships with a French orchestra and has shown through extraordinary musical actions and films how versatile and rousing a women's orchestra with over 20 different wind instruments can sound.
Additional information
Tickets for 14 €, reduced 12 €.
Advance booking and further information is available here.