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The Alte Münze celebrates its 10th anniversary. What once began as a small project in a few rooms has now grown into an extensive and interdisciplinary community that has transformed the former minting plant in the oldest part of Berlin into an open space for culture and creativity.

All of this would not have been possible without a committed community and fellow campaigners. For this reason, this summer festival is an open house to celebrate and appreciate what the Alte Münze is today.

A varied program for young and old awaits.


  • Plant market of The Greens café
  • Historic tour of the old mint
  • Open studio concept & workshops, live music
  • Open workshop day - to join in!
  • Streetfood
  • Summer terrace and tank beer
  • Children's programme (bouncy castle, readers, face painting)
  • Workshops on event technology in the embossing hall
  • Moneta Stage, Art & Pizza
  • Excuse:u (workshops/DJ sets)
  • Exhibition of works
  • Panel discussion

Pushing Borders - Sea-Watch Streetart Festival

Sea-Watch invites you to the Streetart Festival in the context of the 10th anniversary of the Alte Münze.
A solidarity sale of artworks will be organised, where works by artists such as Akut, Etaja, Hera, Innerfields, Its Mancho, Jackules, Katrin Larazuk, NIL, Nose, PMS Crew, Polina Soloveichik, Rocco and his brothers and Tona can be purchased. There will also be live shows and DJ sets, as well as talks, workshops, a sketch contest and much more.

Additional information
Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00