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Relaxed atmosphere on deckchairs on Berlin\
Beach Bistro at Müggelsee - die Borkenbude © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

City, countryside and a world of water

All aboard in Treptow-Köpenick!

With seven lakes and 150 kilometres of navigable waterways, almost 13% of the borough of Treptow-Köpenick is water. Between the Dahme, Spree and Müggelsee you can let yourself drift. On a motor boat, a sailing yacht, a canoe, a stand-up paddle boat or a colourful lilo. And on the banks to the left and right of you, the busy city is dotted with dense woods.

Messing about on the water

Start your tour at Berlin’s biggest waterside picnic site, Treptower Park. Here you can discover seaplanes and paddle boats. A bridge takes you across the Spree to the Insel der Jugend, where visitors can enjoy open-air music and a beer garden.

The Spree continues towards Plänterwald. Behind the treetops you can see the big wheel in the Spreepark, Berlin’s abandoned amusement park. To your left, you soon see the industrial buildings of Schöneweide. Behind the industrial zone is the green Wuhlheide, with many leafy walking paths and fun for all the family at the FEZ.


From there, it’s not much further to the town hall and water palace in the old centre of Köpenick. In front of this idyllic backdrop the Spree divides into the Dahme and the Müggelspree. If you follow the Müggelspree, you soon come to Müggelsee – Berlin’s biggest lake. On your left, the bathing beach at Friedrichshagen is a great place to splash about in the water. To the south of Müggelsee, all you can see are forests, and on the horizon the hills known as the Müggelberge.  

If you decide to follow the Dahme in Köpenick, the river takes you to the Grünau regatta course, where Olympic and world champions have trained. If you’re looking for somewhere to bathe and relax, carry on a few metres to Strandbad Grünau.

Fun on two wheels

Another great way to enjoy the route from Treptower Hafen to Müggelsee is on dry land. A public cycle path takes you along the waterside, through the leafy Wuhlheide to the fishing village of Rahnsdorf, where you can take a well-earned break at the famous smokehouse. You can then get back to the centre of Berlin along the north of Müggelsee or take the S-Bahn.

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