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Theatersport Berlin

Improvisation without a safety net

Theatersport Berlin needs your ideas. Take charge of the stage action at Berlin's first improvisational theatre.

How does speaking Icelandic sound when you're not familiar with this language? Can you argue with somebody in just four words? And what about doing the wedding vows backwards?  Questions that could be answered at Theatersport Berlin.

The ensemble consists of eight trained actors and musicians and was founded in 1995 as the first improvisational theatre in Berlin. The shows depend on the flexibility of the actors and the creativity of the audiences. Without scripts and without a safety net, the actors put themselves in outlandish stage situations based on your spontaneous suggestions. The audience is in charge of what happens. Your suggestions are the ropes on which the actors hang their performances, with nothing rehearsed beforehand. The result is open-ended and you determine where it goes.

Where do they perform?

The ensemble currently performs in four theatres in Berlin and the surrounding area. Depending on the show, your visit will take you to the Monbijou Theater, the Ballhaus Wedding, Schloss Britz or the studio stage of the old fire station in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

The Match

The Match is a special form of improvisational theatre. The teams Dynamo Duse and Spartak Stanislawski compete against each other. The stage becomes an arena and the audience cheers on their teams including chants and doing the waves.  An MC guides the contestants from round to round and punishes any fouls. At the end, the winners are announced.

Information for school classes

The performers will also do improve for your students. Whether rapping fractions or interviewing William Shakespeare, all suggestions are welcome. Accompanying teachers get free tickets and give over the classroom reins while they're here. Theatersport also offers improvisational theatre workshops for schools.