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Political comedy in Kreuzberg

After all, the Kreuzbergers are never short of things to say, as proven at Mehringhof-Theater, five days a week.


The Mehringhof-Theater opened in 1985 as a venue for first-class comedy in Berlin's Kreuzberg district. Five nights a week, newcomers take the stage alongside major stars of the stand-up comedy scene like Volker Pispers, Ingolf Lück, Dirk Bach, Ottfried Fischer, Kurt Krömer, and Ingo Appelt.

Many of the artists love to come "home" to the stage of the Mehringhof-Theater. Particularly legendary is its year-in-review programme. Since 1997, Christoph "Chancellor Angela Merkel" Jungmann reviews the past year's events with razor-sharp contributions and perfectly choreographed ditties sung by comedians Bov Bjerg, Horst Evers, Manfred Maurenbrecher, and Hannes Heesch.

Berlin stars like Reinickendorfer Fil also perform their routines here on a regular basis. Maybe you know the comic strip Didi & Stulle, which has appeared in Berlin magazine Zitty since the mid-90s. Marc-Uwe Kling, who began his career on reading stages and poetry slams, also remains true to his Kreuzberg audience with new stories of the kangaroo.

The small Kreuzberg theatre only holds 250 people and tickets for the shows of well-known performers do sell out well in advance. Tickets can be purchased in all of the usual outlets, at the theatre box office, the bookstore Schwarze Risse, and by telephone. Our tip: show up early because the Mehringhof-Theater has general seating. Satire, comedy, music, or improve are all on the schedule.

Berlin dialect in Gneisenaustraße

The theatre's name reflects its location in the Mehringhof, one of those Berlin rear courtyards that have been such a cauldron of creativity over the years. In the 1970s, the Mehringhof became a centre for alternative lifestyles where a variety of like-minded projects joined forces. A school for adult education was opened here. Besides the theatre, the Mehringhof is home to other Berlin institutions such as the Clash pub, the graphic design studio Graph Druckula, the bookstore Schwarze Risse, and even a cycling shop.

Good to know: if you'd like to catch a bite to eat before or after the show, it's a just a couple of blocks to the Bergmannkiez neigbourhood, where you will find a selection of nice cafés and good food.