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Theater unterm Dach

Independent theatre in historical surroundings

Theater unterm Dach is the stage for up-and-coming stage talent. The calendar includes a wide range of theatre projects from newly discovered directors and artists.

Theater unterm Dach or "TuD" is located at Danziger Straße right on the edge of Ernst-Thälmann-Park and thus it's in the very heart of Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district. The site was originally Berlin's municipal gasworks and was converted to cultural uses in 1986. The original structures of the plant are still visible.

The theatre holds just 80 people in its audience, while a small bar serves hors d'oeuvres and snacks that can also be enjoyed on the outdoor balcony of the theatre foyer, weather permitting. Theater unterm Dach only shows independently-produced theatre projects, which means that you're unlikely to see the plays you know from your German classes on the schedule. It's all about being surprised.

Commitment and Awards

The theatre's programme is peppered with productions from up-and-coming directors and artists who are just beginning to make a name for themselves. The theatre thus promotes the next generation of stage talent with open collaboration between the artists and the theatre that has come to be greatly appreciated by audiences and leaders in Berlin's theatre industry. The pieces regularly receive awards for their professional production quality and are often make their way to various theatre festivals in Berlin and beyond.

The cultural centre in Ernst-Thälmann-Park

As a communal space, Theater unterm Dach is run by the Pankow district council in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood. In addition to the theatre, the Ernst-Thälmann-Park is also home to other cultural institutions with different focus areas, namely

  • WABE, a hot spot and venue for live concerts
  • gallery parterre, a forum for contemporary art
  • jungeKunstWerkstätten, offering art and theatre courses for children and teens

They are a part of the cultural centre at Ernst-Thälmann-Park and are also housed in former public works buildings renovated and converted for new uses. Projects are funded by the Berlin Office of Continuing Education and Culture, which has its Arts and Culture office at the same site.