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Theater in the Nikolai Quarter Berlin
Theater in the Nikolai Quarter © Foto: Bernd O. Scherf-Reumschüssel

Theater im Nikolaiviertel (Theatre in the Nikolai district)

Theatre in Berlin dialect in the heart of Berlin

Experience an old-school Berlin evening. With Berlin dialect. With stories from Berlin. In the historic heart of Berlin. Theater im Nikolaiviertel.


An old-school Berlin evening? Where better than at Theater im Nikolaiviertel? Where real Berlin dialect ensures a real Berlin experience. "Typical Berlin" gets an entirely new meaning here.

Appropriately, this theatre is located in the historic heart of Berlin: the Nikolai Quarter, next door to the oldest church in Berlin, the Nikolai Church. The small, almost intimate theatre is in the basement of the Gedenkbibliothek.

Berlin dialect since 2004

The Theater im Nikolaiviertel has been performing since 2004 and has since become THE place for pieces about the capital.

It all got started with Zille sein Milijöh , a musical tour of old Berlin as once drawn by artist Heinrich Zille: touching, temperamental, brash. The piece has been a hit for more than 15 years and it is pretty unique in Berlin.

Program at the Theater im Nikolaiviertel

The theatre has brought many other Berlin stories to the stage besides Zille, including:

  • the Friedrich Hollaender Hommage, a tribute to Berlin composer Friedrich Hollaender, who wrote music for 270 films
  • Der Insulaner verliert die Ruhe nicht , a look back at a divided city
  • Sigrid Grajek singt Claire Waldoff: Ich will aber gerade vom Leben singen…  –  a musical biography
  • Verlucht und zujenäht! – a journey back in time to Berlin's cabaret and chanson scene of the 1910s, 20s, and 30s
  • Ick hab so`n Appetit uff``ne Bulette oder Bier is ooch Stulle - Berlin cuisine with humour, music and fire


Opening hours (additional information)

on the day of the performance show beginns at 7:30pm