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Zilles Stubentheater Berlin
Zilles Stubentheater © Zilles Stubentheater

Altstadttheater Köpenick

In Heinrich Zille's front lounge

Zille lives! That was the cry when this little theatre opened its doors in Köpenick in 2010. Just some authentic, old-school Berlin charm. Let Zille introduce you to his world.

Under the slogan Zille lives!, Zille enthusiast and actor Albrecht Hoffmann opened up his front lounge for performances in Köpenick old town on 16 October 2010. What you get is a trip back in time to the Berlin of almost a century ago, with a historic grammophone, a portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II , and many other items that take you back to working class Berlin of the 1920s.

Performances in Berlin's Altstadttheater Köpenick

Visit painter Heinrich Zille in his front lounge in ca. the year 1900 in the piece Zille allein zu Haus ("Zille home alone"). Performed in local Berlin dialect, this is a place that celebrates the old Berlin traditions as once recorded in Zille's works.

Other traditional pieces and fairy tales for children are also on the calendar. In addition to the Altstadttheater in Old Köpenick, the company also performs Mit Zille in der juten Stube at the Zille-Stube in Berlin's Mitte district. After all, having just one Zille theatre wouldn't do justice to the man. 

Altstadttheater Köpenick, Old Köpenick
Grünstr. 18, 12255 Berlin-Köpenick

Zille-Stube, Berlin-Mitte
Spreeufer 3, 10178 Berlin-Mitte