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Lake Tegel and Tegeler Fließ in Berlin
Lake Tegel and Tegeler Fließ © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Tegeler Fließ

A unique flora and fauna habitat

Tegeler Fließ is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Berlin and stretches from the Lübars district in Reinickendorf to Tegeler See. It’s an ideal starting point to discover all kind of things, with walking paths and a nature trail taking you past nesting sites, rare flowers, shrubs and trees. This landscape was formed from terminal and base moraines, outwash plains and broad glacial valleys created when the vast masses of ice from the Weichselian glaciation melted. Marshes formed in the low-lying areas. Peat-digging and watermills made the stream economically useful in the past, but as time went by, most of the shallow lakes silted up. Today the stream passes through the 2.6-hectare lake known as Hermsdorfer See. The farmers of Lübars worked hard to maintain this landscape and the idyllic village atmosphere – it’s another example of the beautiful countryside contained within Berlin.

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