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Frauen shoppen zusammen
© GettyImages, Foto: RgStudios

Sustainable shopping in Berlin

The best places for eco-friendly souvenirs

A beautiful souvenir is almost inseparable from a pleasant trip. But how do you manage to pay attention to sustainability when shopping? In Berlin, there are many different ways to find environmentally friendly souvenirs with heart and character. This makes the holiday a little more sustainable and the souvenirs tell a story.

Little treasures

Frau Tonis Parfum Shop und Workshops
Frau Tonis Parfum © Frau Tonis Parfum

Trifles and knick-knacks are particularly popular souvenirs that can be quickly stowed in a backpack or handbag. They can be found in abundance at every holiday destination. And let's face it: tourists from all over the world go weak here. There are more and more retailers in Berlin who place special value on high-quality and sustainable treasures.

Our recommendations:

Die imaginäre Manufaktur: High-quality and durable items are made for Die imaginäre Manufaktur (the imaginary manufactory) collaboratively by people with and without disabilities in Berlin and Brandenburg. In the pretty shop café you will find handmade wooden toys, modern ceramics, charming photo albums for your holiday photos and much more.

nōs store: A lovingly compiled selection of products made under fair conditions in Europe. From ceramics to natural cosmetics to children's books, there is much to discover. Even those who love unusual pieces will find what they are looking for here.

Frau Tonis Parfum: The Berlin perfume manufactory has 14 vegan fragrances on offer. With regard to ingredients, flacons and production, attention is paid to sustainable materials and fair working conditions.

Vintage and Second-Hand

A girl is shopping vintage and second hand clothes
A girl is shopping vintage and second hand clothes © gettyimages, Foto: lechatnoir

Vintage shops, flea markets and second-hand shops are a reliable way to shop more sustainably. In spite of the fast-moving throwaway culture, decoration, clothing and functional items get a second life here. The most beautiful aspect, however, is and remains the history that the second-hand treasures have already experienced. They are bursting with character.

Our recommendations:

NochMall: The BSR's (Berlin city cleaning service) second-hand shop is one of the best examples of truly sustainable shopping. On two floors you can discover clothes, household goods, books, small curiosities and much more. On the first and third Saturday of every month there is an auction with special one-off items.

Flea Markets: Berlin is known for its varied flea markets. They always reflect the neighbourhood in which they take place. Whether antiques, unusual fashion, old records or unique decorative pieces - there is something for everyone.

Vintage-Fashion: We have compiled the 11 most stylish vintage shops in Berlin in our blog article.

Sustainable fashion

Loveco Friedrichshain
Loveco Berlin Friedrichshain © Sarah Fitzbauer / Loveco

Those who like to return from holiday with a fuller suitcase than when they arrived should not miss the sustainable fashion shops in addition to the vintage shops. These specialise in slow fashion and have durable, high-quality clothing from fair production in their range. 

Our recommendations: 

Rotation Boutique: Offers slow fashion from various brands and is in close contact with designers. In the shop on Rosenthaler Platz, customers can expect comprehensive advice and transparent information about the different materials and quality labels of the clothes.  

Loveco: Loveco also offers a select range of sustainable clothing for men and women. The Berlin company's concept stores are located in Schöneberg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. 

Moeon: Here, all products are selected according to specially defined criteria that take into account both the materials and the production conditions. Spread over two stores in Kreuzberg, just a few minutes apart, there are clothes for men and women as well as sustainable shoes, accessories and cosmetics.

Weekly markets and market halls

Kreuzberg, Markthalle Neun
Kreuzberg, Markthalle Neun © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Nothing can match the atmosphere of a weekly market or a market hall. For the residents of the neighbourhoods, they are the best places to buy local food. For visitors, it is simply a great experience to watch the hustle and bustle, try local delicacies or buy small souvenirs.

Our recommendations: 

Eco-Markets by Marktzeit: There are four regular organic markets in Berlin where the food is not only regional but also from controlled organic cultivation. In addition, natural cosmetics, handicrafts and textiles from environmentally friendly production can be found at these markets.

Markthalle Neun: In the colourful and neighbourhood Markthalle Neun (Market Hall Nine), you can discover small souvenirs and lively gastronomy in addition to food. The highlight here is the well-known "Streetfood Thursday" with changing stalls and beer brewed in the cellar of the market hall.

Upcycling products

© tony c french

In Berlin, there are creative retailers who make their unique pieces using upcycling. Project spaces, museums and initiatives regularly offer workshops where participants can make a special souvenir themselves.

Our recommendations:

K.W.D.:  Used advertising tarpaulins, old air mattresses, hoses, cash register conveyor belts and climbing ropes serve as materials for the stylish bags by K.W.D. From small lanyards and purses to backpacks and shoppers, everything is covered.

bolsos berlin: Here too, bags are made from advertising banners, sails, awnings and the like. The colourful unique pieces are real eye-catchers. The practical fanny packs are a favourite: they convey the authentic Berlin style.

Workshops at the NochMall: The workshop programme of the NochMall second-hand shop is always worth a look. In the upcycling courses, participants make their own bags or spruce up old clothes. The regular repair workshops are also interesting.