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Perfume bottles in store Frau Tonis Parfum in Berlin
Frau Tonis Parfum: Shop and workshops around perfume © Frau Tonis Parfum

Frau Tonis Parfum

The scent of Berlin.

Inspired by the perfumes of her grandmother Stephanie Hanssen materialised for herself a long desired dream. She opened her own perfume boutique and named herself after her grandma: Frau Tonis Parfum.

Lined by rows with simple glass vials, the shop comes across somehow plain; and yet, the white interior emits a diffusion of nostalgic elegance. But to the scents: Vial (No. 37) is inspired by the scent of Marlene Dietrich’s vial, Sminta (No. 20) reminds one of Chanel No. 5, which was likewise produced in the twenties—and for whom that isn’t enough: within classes, anyone can produce their own scent.