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Spreearche on lake Müggelsee in Berlin
Spreearche on lake Müggelsee © Frank Cotte


A floating log cabin set on a raft on the Spree.

The Spreearche is not exactly a classic type of restaurant ship, but rather a floating log cabin set on a raft on the Spree. It offers on board grilled fish specialities, not only from the surrounding waters but from all over the world. To reach it from Friedrichshagen S-Bahn, you actually have to walk through the Spree Tunnel – Berlin’s only underwater pedestrian tunnel.

Around the Müggelsee lake

During Berlin’s industrial heyday, there were numerous large factories along the river Spree, because they used the river water in their manufacturing processes. Today, things move at a bit more relaxed pace. Wooded quays, great leisure sports facilities, villas and a romantic atmosphere set the tone.

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