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Kietz - Old town Köenick in Berlin
Kietz in in the old town Köpenick © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

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Köpenick's idyll

Kietz contains some of the most traditional houses in Old Köpenick, some of which dating back more than two centuries. The Fischerkietz was mentioned in writing for the first time in 1355 and was an independent village until 1898. Houses from the late nineteenth-century and numerous beautifully restored single-storey buildings adorn the street where you feel as if you’ve been transported back to a different time. Narrow lanes lead down to the Dahme river, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Schlossinsel (Palace Island) from a bench.

The Old Town of Köpenick

The Kietz is part of Köpenick's old town with its historic centre featuring many narrow and winding cobbled streets that invite you to take a leisurely stroll. You definitely will want to visit the town hall with its statue of the “Captain of Köpenick”, who posed as a Prussian government official, was later arrested, only later to become something of a folk hero.

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