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Entry Zitadelle Spandau
Entry Zitadelle Spandau © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Spandau by bike

With this bicycle tour through Spandau, discover the historic centre of Berlin's westernmost district and the best views of the Havel. Tip: Take along your swimwear! The tour starts sweet and tasty: it starts at the underground / commuter railway station Rathaus Spandau where the ice cream parlour Florida is located.

Tip: Ice cream parlour Florida

The ice cream parlour is the parent company of the Florida ice cream manufacturer, which is wildly popular in Berlin. Florida ice cream is now also in available Berlin supermarkets, but here at the cafe the ice cream tastes particularly fresh. Well rested, now you can really start: from opposite the Spandau town hall you can make a direct pivot to the historic city centre of Spandau. Please push your bike in the pedestrian area.

Tip: Historic city centre of Spandau

The largest pedestrian area of Berlin with its medieval alleys and houses is a little trip back in time. The St. Nicholas Church [Nikolaikirche], the Gothic House and the remains of walls of a former Dominican monastery from the 13th century. In winter, the entire historic city centre is transformed into a single huge Christmas market, the largest in Berlin. Take Breite Straße out of the historic city centre and take a right onto Am Juliusturm. Cross the Havel and then turn left to the Spandau Citadel.

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Tip: Spandau Citadel

The Spandau Citadel is one of the most important Renaissance forts in Europe. In the summer months, known artists perform at the "Citadel Music Festival" on the outdoor stage. The exciting bat tours are especially popular with families with children. Starting in April 2016, the exhibition "Unveiled Berlin and Its Monuments" can also be visited. The Julius Tower offers a magnificent view of Spandau and the Havel landscape. After a visit to the citadel, cycle back over the Havel. Stop on the bridge to take a look at the Havel and the buzz in the Spandau lock.

Continue on the street Am Juliusturm and then left onto Neue Brücke street until the road splits. Turn right onto the street Hoher Steinweg and then onto Am Möllentordamm. Travel through a little piece of history on the cobbled streets of Kolk, the oldest part of Spandau. Ride around and go back until you are back on Neue Brücke street. Here, turn right and cross the small bridge. You will pass the Spandau Brewery, which you can note for when you are on your way back. Now you cycle along the Wröhmännerpark on Neuendorfer Straße.

Tip: Uli's Bicycle Shop

Make a detour to Uli's Bicycle Shop at Jagowstraße 28. In the bicycle shop specialised in classic bicycles is a museum full of curiosities about the bicycle. Then take Neuendorfer Straße to Eiswerderstraße. On the right there is the small island Eiswerder. Take a small tour on the island Eiswerder. Now you have a choice: you can take the ferry to Tegel and there continue your tour with the neighbourhood tour of Reinickendorf or stay in Spandau and explore the Havel landscape and the Spandau forest. To do this, cross the bridge on the other side of the island and turn left at the Havel. Follow the path to the Lake Spandau bridge where you will cross the Havel again. Follow Hugo Cassirer Straße until this opens up into Rauchstraße. Steer your bike left onto Rauchstraße and go a little further and turn right onto Glotzstraße. Stay on this until you turn right onto Werderstraße. Elkartweg branches off to the left. Take this until you can turn right onto the road to the Havel. Keep left at the Havel and take the Aalemanbrücke over the Aalemankanal. After crossing this, turn right onto Aalemanufer.

Shortly thereafter, you can take the Berlin-Copenhagen cycle route on the other side. Enjoy the ride along the blue Havel. At the Bürgerablage, a small beach, you can take a break, jump into the Havel and have a swim. Behind the beach, keep left on the Bürgerablage path. Follow this and cross the Niederneuendorfer Allee: now the route goes completely relaxed through the Spandau forest. When the road forks, keep left and pass the railroad tracks. Once you have crossed Hubertusstraße, continue straight on Brieselangweg.

At the end, keep to the right on Platz E and left onto Krämerweg. At its end, turn right and follow Radelandstraße. Between the cemetery and the police training ground, you can take a path on the left. This brings you to the Spekte green corridor and the Großen Spektesee. Turn left there and explore the Spekte green corridor. It passes a climbing rock, beach volleyball courts and a former gravel quarry, which today as "gravel pond" offers the Spandau citizens summer refreshment. At the end of the green corridor, follow Borkzeile on the right until it opens into Seegefelder Straße. This brings you back to the Spandau city centre and to the underground station Rathaus Spandau. And if you like, you can now cycle back to the Spandau brewery to end the day.