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Spandauer Forst

Hiking in the nature reserve

Just beyond Berlin’s Spandau district begins the Spandau Forest, where the noise of the city can hardly be heard. The three quagmires of Teufelsbruch, Großer Rohrpfuhl and Kleiner Rohrpfuhl are protected [wetlands resulting from drainage projects in the early twentieth century]. They are home to rare animal and plant species such as kingfishers, hawks and beavers.

Walk through the woods

An idyllic trail begins at Schönwalder Allee and leads past a game reserve along the Kuhlake stream to the Nieder Neuendorfer Canal. From there, the walk heads past horse pastures towards the Eiskeller (“ice cellar”)[, considered to be Berlin’s coldest spot in winter, where temperatures can be up to 10°C colder in winter than in the city centre. The Eiskeller was also a West Berlin exclave during the years of German division, surrounded on all sides by the Wall]. The return journey takes you past the Baumgartenkolonie along the Berlin Wall trail again through the quagmires back to the starting point. The nearest public transport links are the U-Bahn and S-Bahn and buses in Spandau.