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Mann drückt Notrufknopf
© DBSV; Foto: A.Friese

Safety in Berlin

Protection from fraudsters and pickpockets

Compared with other major cities in Germany or around the world, Berlin is considered a safe city. So it’s no surprise that visitors to our city also feel safe here. But there are still a few things you should look out for to stay safe.

To avoid pickpockets, it is best to:

  • Keep any valuables close to yourself, for example in your coat’s inside pockets or in your front trouser pockets
  • Keep a tight hold on your handbag or other bags in tightly packed public transport
  • Stay away from dark parks and corners at night
  • Avoid falling asleep on the S-Bahn or U-Bahn – especially at night. Mobile phones and wallets are often stolen from sleeping passengers. If you are very tired, best stay on your feet or perhaps take a taxi instead.

Beware of fake policemen

Fraudsters seek out tourist attractions and pretend to be policemen to tourists to steal their cash and credit cards. Never carry more cash on your person than you will need and always ask policemen for official ID.

Steer clear of shell games

During the warmer seasons, fraudsters set up shell games, especially around preferred tourist locations such as Alexanderplatz, Schlossbrücke, Kurfürstendamm, East Side Gallery or the Berlin Cathedral. The police recommend: Stay clear! You will always lose to a fraudster.

Contacting the police

Just like in any other major city, Berlin’s districts all follow their own organisation. Berlin does not have any “no-go-areas”. Berlin is cosmopolitan, Berlin is hospitable and Berlin is safe – especially in the areas where visitors to Berlin usually go. Nonetheless, you can never completely rule out crime. Should you witness a crime, or become the victim of crime yourself, call the police immediately.

Important phone numbers

  • Police 110
  • Emergency calls from international mobile phones 112
  • Berlin Police citizen line +49 30 4664 46 64

Police station near Alexanderplatz
Direktion 3 - Abschnitt 32
Keibelstr. 35, 10178 Berlin
Phone: +49 30-4664 33 27-00

Police station near Kurfürstendamm
Direktion 2 - Abschnitt 25
Bismarckstr. 111, 10625 Berlin
Phone: +49 30-4664-225700