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Taxen warten nachts in Reihe
©, Foto: Maxiphoto

Taxis in Berlin

Get chauffeured through Berlin

Time is money: more than 7,000 taxis offer their fares a quick and comfy ride to their destination. Get safely and comfortably to where you want to go in Berlin whenever you want – airport or railway station, a business meeting or anywhere else you may have in mind.

Berlin call-a-cab lines

You can order a taxi in Berlin on the following phone lines:

  • Taxi Berlin: +49 30 – 20 20 20
  • Würfelfunk: +49 30 – 21 01 01
  • TaxiFunk Berlin: +49 30 – 44 33 22
  • Quality Taxi: +49 30 – 26 300 0
  • City-Funk Berlin: +49 30 – 21 02 02
  • Funk Taxi Berlin: +49 30 – 26 10 26
  • Talixo: +49 30 – 346 497 360
  • EcoTaxi: +49 30 – 210 10 20

If you’re on the move already, you can also simply flag down a free cab. A taxi is free if its roof sign is lit up. There are also taxi ranks all over the city, with taxis waiting for you or with taxi-call points for requesting pick-up.

From and to the airport in Berlin

There are also taxi ranks at all railway stations and airports. You can choose any taxi waiting there, you’re not obliged to take the first in line! Recommended: at Berlin’s airports, go to the indicated taxi ranks – this way, you’ll avoid impostor taxis charging excessive fares. You can tell a real taxi from a fake one by the Berlin number plate and the concession number on the rear window. Berlin does not hand out concessions with a number greater than 8,000. To get from your hotel to the airport, your hotel’s reception will also be happy to call a taxi for you.

Berlin taxi fares

Since November 2022, the base fare is €4.30, the kilometer price between 2.10 Euro and 2.80 Euro. For standing and waiting times 33 Euro per hour are charged. This lets you estimate your fare pretty accurately before you even get into the taxi. Mini-van taxis and bulky luggage incur an extra charge. Waiting in heavy traffic shouldn’t usually affect the fare – the meter does not account for time until after a two-minute delay.

Taxi short trips

If you only want to travel a short distance, you can flag down a taxi on the roadside. The fare for what Berlin cabbies call a short trip is €6.00 for a two-kilometre trip. Please tell the driver straight away that you want a short trip (Kurzstrecke in German). You can only get the short-trip fare for flagged taxis, a maximum trip distance of two kilometres and if you do not interrupt your journey.

Prices for standard routes in Berlin

Depending on the number of people and the amount of luggage, or if you have bulky luggage, fares may vary. Unless desired otherwise by the passenger, drivers are obliged to take the shortest route.

Paying your taxi fare

If you can, keep some banknotes of lower denomination with you – taxi drivers are not obliged to hold large amounts of change. Today, paying your fare by credit card or EC cash card should be possible in any cab.

Receipt for taxi trips

Always ask for a receipt. This is important should you accidentally leave something in the vehicle. The receipt will allow you to identify the vehicle you travelled in. The receipt is also evidence in the event of trouble with the paid fare. Make sure that the receipt includes the following details:

  • Operator's address
  • Concession number (usually pre-printed, number must match the number on the bottom right of the rear window)
  • Fare
  • Date
  • Distance
  • Signature


More detailed information on taxi services is available at the Taxiverband Berlin, Brandenburg e.V.