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Toboggan in Berlin
Toboggan in winter © Getty Images, Foto: ArtMarie

Rodelbahn am Humboldthain

Rodeln in geschichtsträchtiger Umgebung

Toboggan run at the Humboldthain Tobogganing in surroundings that are steeped in history When it snows in the winter, the Volkspark Humboldthain public park is transformed into a real fairy-tale landscape. Inside the two hills in the park, you'll find two bunkers. These were intended to shelter 15,000 people in the Second World War; later they were filled up with rubble from the war and then planted over.

Viewing platform and toboggan run

The Humboldthöhe, the 85 metre high northern hill, is mainly used as a viewing platform in the summer. The southern hill, on the other hand, is used as a toboggan run in winter, where youngsters from the neighbouring districts get together. If the endless up and down gets too monotonous, why not go for a wander through the park? After making your way along the serpentine paths, you'll come to the Denkmal der deutschen Wiedervereinigung (Monument to the German Reunification). Thanks to the Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underworlds) Association, you can explore parts of the bunker that are still preserved. While the dark spaces are a reminder of terrible times, parts of them also provide a winter home for bats.