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Places of belief and contemplation

Around 250 denominations and world views call Berlin home and practise their beliefs in countless churches and religious buildings. Many of these are also worth visiting as architecturally and historically important places. Admire the magnificent mosaics of the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral). Pause for a moment inside the Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church) with its blue glass tower and the Coventry Cross which is a symbol for reconciliation after the war. Visit St Hedwig’s Catholic Cathedral with its impressive dome, which is reminiscent of the Pantheon in Rome. Berlin’s synagogues and community centres are hubs of Jewish life. The stunning Şehitlik mosque also welcomes non-Muslims. Guided tours bring you closer to Muslim life in Berlin. Every year on Whit Sunday churches open their doors for the Lange Nacht der Offenen Kirchen (Long Night of Open Churches). During this event, all different types of religions jointly invite visitors to religious services, concerts and singing.