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Sehitlik-Moschee © wikimedia commons, Foto: Avda

Şehitlik Mosque

Berlin’s most beautiful mosque

A place of faith and dialogue: discover Berlin’s most beautiful mosque, the Şehitlik Mosque.

The Şehitlik Mosque is without doubt the most beautiful in Berlin. It’s not only the city’s best-attended mosque, but is also considered a particularly attractive building. Built on the grounds of the old Turkish cemetery, the complex is a cultural and community centre with the mosque at the heart of it all. There is room for 1500 worshippers in the mosque. If you are interested in Islam and the Muslim way of life, come along – the mosque is open to visitors. And enjoy the beautiful architecture.

The architecture of the mosque

Classical Ottoman architecture of the 16th and 17th century is the inspiration for the mosque. It was built between 1999 and 2005 as an octagon with pillars and supporting arches. The white walls and the dome are decorated with golden calligraphy and abstract patterns in blue and red. Daylight comes in through stained-glass windows. The dome is flanked by two narrow minarets. The cemetery near the mosque is the oldest burial place in Germany for adherents of Islam.

Visitors to the mosque

Not only Muslims are welcome, but anyone who is interested in Muslim culture and religion. One of the specific aims of the Mosque is to present Muslim life in Berlin, to encourage communities to get to know each other, and to break down prejudices.

To make this possible, the mosque offers various events on this topic, as well as guided tours of the building, tailored to different age groups.

Information for schools

Guided tours of the Şehitlik mosque are available every day. Pupils will not only get to know about Islamic architecture and Muslim life in Berlin, but can also ask questions about Islam. Tours of the mosque are free, but donations are welcome.


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