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American Church Berlin
Außenansicht Lutherkirche (American Church) © Foto: Stephan Kienberger


International chruch services in Berlin

The Luther Church is located on Dennewitzplatz in the Schöneberg district. The listed brick building was built from 1891 to 1894 and designed by Johannes Otzen. A slender tower rises up the side of the historical, gothic-style sacral building.
In 1880, requests were already being made to build another church in the Schöneberg district. Then on 1 June 1887, the Berlin City Council authorised the construction of the Luther Church. The church was finally consecrated on 18 April 1891 by the Empress and Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia. The construction manager was Moritz Korn, an employee of Johannes Otzen.
The church took heavy damage from incendiary bombs during the Allied air raids in 1943. The interior was provisionally repaired at first, before being later restored in a modern and simple style.
Since 2007 the church has been in the ownership of American Church Berlin e.V. who welcome both native Berliners and visitors to international services on Sundays.