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Gardens of the world Berlin
Chinese Garden © visitBerlin

Marzahn-Hellersdorf by bike

Discover green Marzahn, cycle along the little river Wuhle and let yourself be surprised by the wealth of natural on this route. The tour starts at the Biesdorf commuter railway station. The entrance to the park Biesdorf palace grounds [Schlosspark Biesdorf] is directly at the commuter railway station.

Park and castle of Biesdorf

Cycle through the park past the fountain pond, ice chamber and tea pavilion and enjoy scenic vistas. The Biesdorf Castle is a villa with a tower in the late classical style from the 19th century. Take the exit at Blumberger Damm, cross the road and turn left in a northerly direction. After about 800 metres, turn right onto Warener Straße. Now look at the Emergency Hospital of Berlin. Cross the extensive park grounds and cycle through Wuhlegarten behind the hospital towards the carp pond (Karpfenteich). Then you reach the Wuhle bike path, the official bike path through the Wuhletal (a green corridor), where you turn left heading north.

Tour card

Wuhle path

The regional hiking trail along the Wuhle leads over 16 km from Berlin-Köpenick to Berlin-Ahrensfelde. The scenic route, which is used by cyclists and hikers alike, is one of the 20 green main routes of Berlin connecting parks and recreation areas with residential areas. Continue cycling until you reach Cecilienstraße and turn right onto this. Now cross the Wuhle. After about 100 metres, turn left to now cycle on the other side of Wuhle through the wide river valley with its beautiful vistas. On the left side of the ban, you will see the Kienberg and the park Gardens of the World. Where the Wuhleteich (Wuhle pond) begins on the left bank, please take the first exit in the Feldberger Ring right to go to the housing developments on the Feldberger Ring. Turn left onto Hellersdorfer Straße.

On the left side of the main road is the currently closed Jelena Santic Peace Park, which will be the IGA part of the grounds with one of the main entrances and expected to be closed for transit through March 2018. Behind the parking area, cross Hellersdorfer Straße and turn left onto Alte Hellersdorfer Straße. Keep to the left to again reach the Wuhle bike path, which you follow to the right. Through pastures and meadows along the Wuhle, you can now relax on the pedals and enjoy green Marzahn. Once arrived at Eisenacher Straße, turn left and make a detour to the west to the historic old Marzahn. Drive along Eisenacher Straße. On the left side are the Gardens of the World.

Gardens of the World

In the huge recreation park facility, gardens are created that show garden arts from around the world. In the Chinese Garden, you can drink tea, listen to water in the Oriental "Garden of Four Rivers" or get lost in the maze. After visiting the Gardens of the World, continue along Eisenacher Straße. After crossing Blumberger Damm, follow Bärensteinstraße until you come to a car park. Push your bike straight forward past prefabricated buildings and a shopping centre before finally crossing Allee der Kosmonauten. Take Blenheimstraße to reach the village core of old Marzahn.

Tip: Old Marzahn with a village church

The Marzahn village green already created in the Middle Ages has kept its historic core to this day. The village church dates from the 19th century, since the original stone church was dilapidated. Now you deserve a break! At the entrance to the old village centre next to the village church and the animal farm, you will find the training restaurant "Grips" (Alt-Marzahn 63), which also has a pastry shop. Then a visit to the post mill (windmill) of Marzahn is worthwhile. Cycle to the right at the cafe. Directly behind the animal farm and the village church is the old mill with a mill shop, which sells traditional mill products.

Tip: Post mill of Marzahn

In the still fully functioning mill, the artisanry of the miller is still alive. At the grinding demonstration, the miller shows how the wooden wheels drive the mill and the grain is ground. Follow the street "Hinter der Mühle" until this opens onto Landsberger Allee. Turn right and follow the road a way until you cross the Wuhle again after about 1 km. At the intersection corner of Zossener Straße you can cross the Landsberger Allee and ride back on the other side for a little bit. Take the Wuhle path through the Ahrensfelder mountains.

Tip: Ahrensfelder mountains

A magnificent view over the Barnimer Feldmark to the television tower stretches out before you. After the Teufelsberg and the Müggelbergen, the Ahrensfelder mountains are the third highest grounds in the overall rather flat Berlin. Behind the Ahrensfelder mountains you will find the banks of the Neue Wuhle. Follow this on the left to Kernberger Straße. Take the next branch-off onto Wuhletalstraße. At the end of Wuhletalstraße, turn right and follow the road until Flämingstraße. Take this straight to Havemannstraße. Turn left here and cycle to Märkischen Allee. Approximately 100 metres up on the right is the commuter railway station Ahrensfelde, the final stop of this tour.