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Old Church as Part of the New Construction

Currently closed for public visits

Built around 1300 on a fieldstone foundation, the Heilig-Geist-Kapelle (Holy Spirit Chapel) was once attached to a hospital of the same name which took care of the poor, sick and other needy and was open to pilgrims. The structured has been added onto and changed over the centuries; for example, a roof tower was added in the 15thcentury, only to be removed in the early 19th century. The stunning star vault was added in the 16th century.

Varied Uses

After several restoration projects and a bit of luck, the medieval appearance of the unusually large brick church has been retained. There were plans in the early 20th century to demolish the church to make room for a business school, but concerned citizens helped prevent its destruction. Instead, the chapel was incorporated into the new building and served as a lecture hall after the interior decoration of the chapel was removed to a museum. In the GDR, the chapel was used as a school cafeteria. After another extensive renovation in 2005, its interior has been restored and the chapel now serves as a formal venue for the Humboldt University.