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Kreuzberg_Görlitzer Bahnhof
Kreuzberg_Görlitzer Bahnhof © visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen


The Truly Special Chip Shop

The two founders of Goldies in Kreuzberg know no boundaries when it comes to chips, a.k.a. French fries. Have yours Ukrainian-style with beetroot, dill, and a vodka shot or Korean-style with lemon mayonnaise and pickled radish. Or you can have a simple order of chips, too.

Goldies in Kreuzberg is one truly special chip shop. Kajo Hiesl from Berlin and Vladislav Gachyn from Ukraine have travelled half the world together to collect impressions, ideas, and taste experiences for the perfect plate of chips. They met in the kitchen of the three-star Aqua restaurant in Wolfsburg. At Goldies, they now combine their skills, their experience, and their extraordinary ideas to create the pinnacle of creative chips and homemade sauces. Everything is homemade and produced with fresh local ingredients. And, if fried things are a bit too much for your diet, then you can tuck into one their equally delicious salads.