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Girl with exhibit at the Gallery of Steel Figures Berlin
Gallery of Steel Figures Berlin © Gallery of Steel Figures Berlin

Gallery of Steel Figures Berlin

Art made of scrap metal

In 2011 the idea of figures made of steel was born on a scrap yard in Warsaw. Today there are over 50 figures made of steel, which can be admired in the exclusive location in Berlin Unter den Linden.

The Exhibits

The figures are inspired by dreams and memories. Over 7,000 hours of handcraft were necessary to complete the exhibits. Some of them are delicate, others are twice the size of a full-grown human and weigh up to over 1,000 kg. More than 120 artists have worked to transform the remains of old car bodies into true works of art. The imagination had no limits here.

Special Event Location

The event location is suitable for 20 up to 250 visitors. As an unusual and exclusive attraction it offers countless photo opportunities. Here every company event becomes a real highlight.

Summer special for Everyday-Heroes

Until the end of the Berlin summer holidays on August 9, everyday heroes  have the opportunity to visit the Gallery of Steel Figures for free. This includes hospital staff, police and firefighters, employees from the food trade and nursing staff.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 11:00 – 18:00
Saturday - Sunday 10:00 – 19:00