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Wedding Humboldthain Berlin
Humboldthain © (c) visumate

Galerie Wedding (Wedding Gallery)


The art space will host different solo exhibition, a group exhibition, education projects and a series of performances and interventions in the local public space .

The reason to present solo exhibition comes along with the vision to create a series of radical spatial captivations, transformations in the exhibition space, which is lay-outed architecturally similar to a vitrine. With each exhibition the space will change completely and create a new image space when seen from outside, but also when experienced as a space of art and action from the inside. The artists presented in the solo exhibitions and in the performance program are all based in Berlin. By naming the curatorial program POW (Post-Otherness-Wedding), the both curators Solvej Helweg Ovesen und Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung intend to channel a discourse towards a concept of „Post-Otherness” coined by Prof. Dr. Regina Römhild. Regina Römhild is Professor of Ethnology at Humboldt-University Berlin. In the context of the Berlin district Wedding, a former labourers district with a more than 75% migrant population, the concept and figure of the „Post-Other“ seems to be an omnipresent but unrealised concept and figure. In this way it also seems appropriate to go through the various understandings of object cultures to understand the status-quo of the „Post-Other“ in this space.

Opening hours (additional information)
Tue - Sat 12 - 19