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Die Kaminer Show 2023

Wladimir Kaminer presents his new book "Wie sage ich es meiner Mutter" (How do I tell my mother?) on stage at Berlin's Wühlmäuse. Because Wladimir Kaminer's mother no longer understands the world. But the son does his best to explain this new world to his mother and to mediate between the generations with humor and mutual understanding. In the case of Wladimir Kaminer's mother, these are cooking tips rather than calls for a climate strike, because grandma and grandson increasingly live on different planets.

Wladimir Kaminer lächelnd
Wladimir Kaminer lächelnd © A. Walther

Her grandchildren prefer vegan scrambled eggs to a meat burger, they want to abolish the zoo they used to love as a haven for animal cruelty, and even grandma's electric fly swatter is criticized. Air travel is suddenly considered environmentally harmful, and even the Internet recipe for cucumber salad has lost its innocence. After all, it shows that a resentful algorithm controls what information goes where.

Wladimir Kaminer, born in Moscow in 1967, has lived in Berlin since 1990. His collection of stories "Russendisko" and other bestsellers have made him one of the most popular authors in Germany.

(Program in German)

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Die Wühlmäuse
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