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A puppet show about insatiability and the art of saying "no". From 4 years.

With his puppet theater, Max Howitz, as the chip shop owner Knut, tells the turbulent story of his neighbors, the Fischers.

With a lot of imagination and enthusiasm, Max Howitz presents Grimm's fairy tale in a wonderfully entertaining way. The accordion makes the sea roar and the fog horn of a large ship boom in the distance. A ruler is converted into a fishing rod and then transformed into a talking fish that fulfills (almost) all of the Fischer family's wishes. Cardboard boxes become houses, small stages, palaces, cathedrals. Ilsebill becomes more beautiful and richer, the sea becomes dirtier and stormier, and Piet says nothing. Oh oh!

Third prize at the Rostock Free Jump Festival 2018

Production & Game: Max Howitz
Director: Rico Wagner
Photos: Jara Lopez Ballonga
Recommended age: from 4 years
Duration: approx. 45 minutes
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