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An evening as part of “Your Emotional City”

One thing is clear: cities trigger
emotions in us – both pleasant and unpleasant. On the one hand, cities
provide us with opportunities for development, culture and prosperity.
They are political, economic and scientific centres.

But they also have another side: they’re often anonymous or dirty, and injustice, crime and violence lurk within them. Cities stimulate us, and they challenge us. They can sometimes cause us stress. They can even make some of us sick. But they also fascinate us. All this has an impact on our psyche and health.With Negah Amiri, Vanessa Vu and Dimitrij Kapitelman.

In the citizen science project “Your Emotional City”, we want to find out how people feel in cities, decode the feelings they experience in specific streets, squares, neighbourhoods and parks, and gain insights that can be applied to cities in general. Together, we want to find out what will make the cities of the future places worth living in.


  • Venue: Forum
  • The event is free of charge.
  • Event language: German
  • Conditions of attendance: no previous knowledge required
  • The event is aimed at interested people of all ages.
  • A ticket is required. Remaining tickets will be available at the box office.

Photo & Video

Photos will be taken during the event.
If you don’t wish to be pictured, please let us know in advance.


For this event a ticket is required.

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Additional information
We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German.


The future is for everyone! The Futurium wants to be accessible to everyone.

  • We are a wheelchair accessible venue.
  • An induction loop system is available.
  • If there are any other access needs on your part, please feel free to let us know.
    We will try to meet them:
  • All information on accessibility can be found here.