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Simone Aughterlony & Michael Günzburger

In the immersive performance “UPROAR”, choreographer Simone Aughterlony and visual artist Michael Günzburger locate the multifaceted figure of the chimera in the here and now. They question what it means to be not just one, but many.

Together with their collaborators, they em­brace the erotics of the creation and decay of these complex volatile organisms. The hallucinatory sound of the Berlin duo LABOUR is conceived in a constantly shifting architectural arrangement of sound-absorbent walls.

Here, the impossible is not opposed to the real: it is in discourse with it. “UPROAR” calls for turmoil, promising a trans*futurism of wild fantasies.

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Additional information
The performance includes the depiction of sexual acts. There are passages with loud music, hearing protection is available free of charge. Fog is used. The audience is on stage with the performers and is an active part of the performance. Space can become tight for the audience.
Participating artists
Bast Hippocrate (Entwicklung & Performance)
Pierre Piton (Entwicklung & Performance)
Adél Juhász (Entwicklung & Performance)
Simone Aughterlony (Konzept & Regie)
Michael Günzburger (Konzept & Regie)
LABOUR – Farahnaz Hatam (Musikalische Komposition)
Colin Hacklander (Musikalische Komposition)
Nele Dechmann (Architektonisches Design)
Joseph Wegmann (Lichtdesign)
Jorge Leòn (Dramaturgische Beratung)
Saša Božic (Dramaturgische Beratung)
Jan Olieslagers (Inspizienz)
Marie Prédour (Technische Leitung)
Marquet K. Lee (Kostümdesign)
Umar Hallawi (Produktion, Administration)
SLS Illusion – Silas Meier (Bühnenkonstruktion)
Simon Courchel (Fotografie)
Simon Callens (Entwicklung Ei)
Produktionsleitung (Übersetzung)
Marc Streit (Produktionsleitung)