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The sophisticated world of an exclusive club is the setting for a satirical mirror on the heteronormative cis world. Luxury, wealth, men, power - this is what the world is characterized by, into which three characters who do not correspond to this worldview find themselves.

Who doesn't fit this picture? Is it women, foreigners or queer people?

The events that have always been dated speak for themselves - racist attacks, femicides, attacks on the queer community - almost three figureheads emerge who face the shark tank in the form of the heteronormative, white cis world.

Based on Witold Gombrowicz's absurd play "Yvonne, the Burgundy Princess", Toybox asks the question, what is "the norm"? What is expected of you in the social construct and what happens if you evade it, like Yvonne from the original play or the three main characters do and how does the environment react to this? One thing is certain, remaining silent, as Yvonne is doing, is not a solution.