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They kept on dancing! – They will keep on dancing!

The Tanztreffen der Jugend seeks to stay abreast of current developments and diverse efforts to establish dance as an art form in cultural education in its own right; it also serves to locate amateur youth dance in an artistic context.

drei tanzende Jugendliche
drei tanzende Jugendliche © Dave Grossmann

Despite the special challenges and more difficult conditions for rehearsals and performances in the past two years, this year the Berliner Festspiele received 45 entries from 11 German states. The ten productions selected by the jury - solos, duets and large ensemble pieces - will be staged at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele from September 26 to October 3.

The evening performances in front of an audience will be accompanied by workshops with professionals and discussion formats as part of the Tanztreffen Campus, which offers the young people space for exchange, inspiration and new impulses. At the same time, the Forum program invites choreographers, educators and students to reflect on their own artistic practice in working with young people in workshops and discursive formats.

The detailed festival program will be published in early September.

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