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Fine flavors and gentle tingling offer the tasty combination of sushi and champagne at Vox Restaurant. The event, which combines Japanese mastery with French savoir-vivre, has become a tradition at the Grand Hyatt Berlin.

This special treat is celebrated with live music, countless specialties and, of course, Laurent Perrier champagne. During this time, guests can not only marvel at the creativity of the sushi masters at the Vox Sushi Corner, but also pick up a trick or two in the open show kitchen.

In addition to classics and unusual compositions with fish, the vegetarian variations are sure to delight guests. Another highlight is the selection of the finest sashimi. The smooth champagne from Laurent-Perrier lends the event a lightness that goes perfectly with the fine Japanese cuisine.

In addition, the elegant freshness of the champagne and its full-bodied fruit aromas are a perfect pairing to the sushi creations - without the character of the fine sparkling wine taking too much of a back seat. The high quality of Laurent-Perrier Champagne is evident in its balance - as an aperitif or as a companion through the evening.
Additional information
Admission begins at 18:30. At 22:30 the event ends.

The evening costs 149 euros per person, members of the Gourmet Club and Club Olympus pay only 139 euros per person.

For reservations one asks by telephone under 030
2553 1566 or by mail at