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Its white light illuminates romantic love scenes and mystical natural spectacles just as atmospherically as the nocturnal spook - the moon: as a narrow sickle symbol for restful sleep, stirring in round splendor. Far more than the sun, the moon inspired poets and composers to create masterpieces.

A small selection of musical and lyrical moonlight scenarios with works by Felix Mendelssohn, Robert and Clara Schumann, Johannes Brahms and others. present the mezzo-soprano Kristina Naudé and Ulrich Naudé on the piano at their song recital on September 29th in the parish hall of the St. Nikolai Church.

This concert will take place as part of the Spandau Church Music Festival 2023.

Featuring: Kristina Naudé (mezzo-soprano) and Ulrich Naudé (piano)

Admission free, collection requested!
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