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If one is in the mood for good old rhythm & blues, funk, rock and jazz songs, one cannot miss this concert. Together with their new singer Angelika, the 5 Longlife musicians bring a retread of songs by the pop greats of their youth to the stage. In addition to well-known titles by Ray Charles, Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, John Mayall and Eric Clapton, they also present "fresh" songs by David Bowie, Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits and Tina Turner - with drive and a rich sound to groove, sing and dance along to.

Pretty Buzz stands for the moving kick, the light buzz, the wonderful noise – with Angelika Putnik (voc, perc), Franz de Bÿl (voc, git), Christian Woyke (kb), Michael "Shorty" Kurzmann (voc, git), Hardy Bechmann (b, voc ) and RamWam Wappler (dr).

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