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Les Rendez-Vous au Park Sanssouci

On two evenings in August, the magnificent park landscape of Sanssouci is transformed into a magically illuminated magical world in the evening. A variety of performances by internationally renowned artists await visitors throughout the park.

Schloss Sanssouci bei Nacht
Schloss Sanssouci bei Nacht © Enrico Verworner

Light stagings immerse buildings and works of art in a wonderful atmosphere. Experience illuminated water features at the fountains and ponds, complemented by impressive fountains and sparkling landscapes. Many historic buildings can be visited. Music can be heard at various locations and stages in the park, and a variety of culinary delights will ensure your physical well-being.

The live music program impresses with great diversity. For example, the band River Rats invites you to swing your dance leg with a mixture of Varieté Française and the spirit of country music and blues, and the glass cutter Rogier Kappers enchants with sounds on the only glass organ in the Netherlands.

The live music program is funded as part of a subprogram of NEUSTART KULTUR, which is aimed at "maintaining and strengthening" the music infrastructure in Germany (live music events and music festivals). In particular, it aims to support the relaunch of cultural life in Germany in order to preserve the diversity and artistic creativity of the musical event landscape as part of the music infrastructure in Germany.

This program was initiated by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and is implemented by Initiative Musik gGmbH. Strollers will also be captivated by numerous performances, whether with a spectacular aerial display on a globe by the Sol'Air Company, amusing pole artistry by Noah Chorny, or an extraordinary hairdresser who will turn visitors into marquises or counts for a day with his mobile salon.

In 2021, the two summer nights will again feature prominent readings under the patronage of Max Moor. Great and exquisite names could be won: Dietmar Bär, Nina Hoss, Benno Fürmann, Benjamin Sadler, Andrea Sawatzki and Christian Berkel. The literary delights are entirely in the The literary delights focus on France and range from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne.

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