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The next Potsdam Palace Night will transform the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the world-famous grounds of Park Sanssouci on August 18 and 19, 2023, for the 24th time into a huge stage full of music, acrobatics, readings, installations, workshops and

culinary delights.

"PRACHTIG!" Potsdam sees orange!
Flowery colorful and content "oranje" the traditional event 2023 thematically follows the annual motto of Potsdam's cultural partners "Holland in Potsdam". Thus, the motto of the evening transforms from "gorgeous" to "PRACHTIG!" Potsdam sees orange!

This year's programme would be unthinkable without the popular readings by prominent voices from the German media landscape. Katharina Thalbach reads in a distinctive way from the successful novel "Miss Merkel - Mord in der Uckermark" by David Safier. Benno Fürmann will present his own book "Unter Bäumen". With the support of lit.COLOGNE GmbH, the Saturday evening will be dedicated to the so-called "Laugh Letters". The singer Mieze Katz (MIA) and the actors Nina Kunzendorf, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Mark Waschke and Benjamin Sadler will read the funniest letters that life has to offer.

This year's programme highlights also include Circus Unartiq, which turns an 8.5-metre-high and 7-metre-wide curtain in the middle of the Schlosspark into its stage for a monumental spectacle full of daring artistry. The Sway Pole artists of the TnT Shows provide a scenery never seen before. They float angelically in front of the backdrop of Sanssouci Palace. A special eye-catcher is the Naranja Streettheater, who entertain the audience as cheerful, fruity, oversized oranges with a diameter of 1.70 metres. Not to be missed under this year's motto is a traditional Dutch market with culture, handicrafts and trade from the Netherlands - and of course lots of cheese! Mrs Antje will also be there, walking down Maulbeerallee in clogs.

Other highlights include:

  • exclusive themed tours
  • a varied music programme.

A visit to Sanssouci Park is already a special experience during the day. An encounter in the midst of history, present and future. As soon as it gets dark and the night light route of the palace night invites you on a journey of discovery, the illuminated palaces and the park show themselves in a very special glow of lights.

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