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Polyrama - a museum for life stories makes diverse perspectives from the lives of people with different backgrounds on central life themes visible - or rather - audible. In its growing archive of contemporary narratives, life experiences are made accessible as knowledge and stored for the future.

With the opening at Stuttgarter Platz, the Polyrama becomes a place where listeners:inside can also come together physically. On 60 square meters, the museum presents life stories of different people and communities in successive stagings. For this purpose, visitors:inside the museum can listen to or watch the stories in individually designed boxes and look at personal objects that have a special meaning in their lives.

The museum starts with a limited number of these boxes, which are gradually filled. The forms of presentation that provide access to the stories will be tested and further developed in the spirit of inclusion and diversity in close exchange with various local communities.

The idea of the founders Anna Chrusciel and Sadaf Farahani is to make cultural heritage multi-voiced and to focus on perspectives of marginalized groups. Acknowledging different realities of life and listening to each other is meant to strengthen mutual understanding and foster empathy. Since its founding in 2021, the stories already collected can be found on the Polyrama website and Spotify. With this concept, Polyrama became a laureate of the Power of the Arts Award 2022, which supports initiatives and institutions that work for an open society.

The museum café sees itself as an extension of the exhibition space, where the life experiences of the visitors:inside also come into exchange during events.

This exhibition concept creates space for an intensive engagement with the stories and always offers reasons to visit the museum again.
Additional information
Opening hours:

Wed - Sun 11 am - 6 pm

Thu 11 - 20 h

Mon + Tue closed

Admission on a voluntary basis

Reduced 3 Euro

Regular 5 Euro

Soli ticket 8 Euro