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mit Gunther Rost (Orgel) und Pirmin Grehl (Flöte)

The organ is the queen of instruments. The two Jehmlich organs in the concert hall certainly sound majestic. Both the large and the small organ. The organ princess in the Konzerthaus Berlin is a mobile, two-manual small organ with 12 stops. It is mainly used for the chamber music evenings "Organo con stromenti" in the Small Hall. The small Jehmlich organ is particularly easy to handle due to its easy-to-play mechanical action and the clear design of the console, actually the "cockpit of the organist*s".

im Konzerthaus Berlin
im Konzerthaus Berlin Felix Loechner

  • PIRMIN GREHL flute
Performed works:

  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude and Fugue in E flat major BWV 552
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Sonata for flute and organ in G minor BWV 1020 (also attributed to C. P. E. Bach)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Partita in G major BWV 829, transcribed for organ by Gunther Rost
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Sonata for flute and organ E flat major BWV 1031
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Fantasy and Fugue in G minor BWV 542
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Gunther Rost (Orgel)
Pirmin Grehl (Flöte)
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