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Triennale-Festivalzentrale "BHR OX bauhaus reuse"
Triennale-Festivalzentrale "BHR OX bauhaus reuse" © Foto: Peter Winter, zukunftsgeraeusche GbR

Opening of the urban festival centre of the "Triennal of Modernism"

Info lounge and exhibition "Berlin Modernist Housing Estates".

In July 2008, six social housing projects from the 1920s were jointly registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites entitled "Berlin Modernist Housing Estates". They symbolize the social, economic and political environment of the emerging modern movement in Europe and provide historical answers to questions that still arise in many European metropolises today: How do we want to live? How can we make living space worth living in? What can politics contribute to this?


festivalzentrum bauhauswoche berlin im BHR OX, bauhaus reuse

Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10587  Berlin

Festivalzentralen Triennale der Moderne 2019 - BHR OX bauhaus reuse

Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10587  Berlin

The erection of these housing estates is considered to be Berlin's most important contribution to international architectural history. This is why, a bilingual (German + English) travelling exhibition has been designed with further details about the six UNESCO-listed estates and historical links to the emerging modernism and the Bauhaus movement:

  • 1. Gartenstadt Falkenberg (1913 – 16)
    [Falkenberg Garden City]
  • 2. Siedlung Schillerpark (1924 – 30)
    [Schillerpark Estate]
  • 3. Großsiedlung Britz/Hufeisensiedlung (1925 – 30)
    [Large Housing Estate Britz / Horseshoe Estate]
  • 4. Wohnstadt Carl Legien (1928 – 30)
    [Carl Legien Housing Estate]
  • 5. Weiße Stadt Reinickendorf (1929 – 31)
    [White City Reinickendorf
  • 6. Großsiedlung Siemensstadt (1929 – 34)
    [Siemensstadt Large Housing Estate]

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