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"It seems to me that the age-old superstition that wealth brings happiness is disappearing. Well, that's what Leo Tolstoy once said, but he passed away seven years before the Soviet Union began. Nikita Miller is sure that if the guy had lived a little longer, he certainly wouldn't have said that.

When Nikita came to Germany from Ukraine with his parents as a five-year-old, he had to realize over the years: A person may be able to leave the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union can never leave a person. No wonder that Nikita's grandfather still doesn't speak a word of German today, after years of rigorously copying the Duden dictionary.

The expectations of the West were great, the possibilities seemed endless. But Nikita Miller understood: Squatting between two cultures is terribly exhausting. The family tugs at one side, the new life at the other. So he has been busy tinkering in his think tank, mixing things up here and there, taking things out there, and sprinkling a little glitter on top.

He mixed the best of German and Soviet together and learned to love and appreciate both cultures with all their beauty and diversity, with all their quirks and inconveniences. Because we all have to admit to ourselves: The cultures are not so different. Pelmeni are just small pastries.
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