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St. Mary's organist Xaver Schult presents a festive New Year's Eve organ concert on what is probably one of the most beautiful organs in Berlin. Due to the very well preserved case prospect of the Berlin sculptors Johann Georg Glume and Paul de Ritter and the fact that Wagner pipes were still present in a number of stops, this new organ was built according to Joachim Wagner's overall concept and disposition of 1721.

St. Marienkirche Mitte Berlin mit Fernsehturm im Hintergrund
St. Marienkirche Mitte Berlin mit Fernsehturm im Hintergrund AHOJ!

As one of the few organs, the "most beautiful organ in Berlin" survived the destruction of the 2nd World War. Between 1947 and 1949 the organ builder Alexander Schuke (Potsdam) made many changes. The pneumatic action was replaced by an electro-pneumatic one, the disposition was again approximated to the baroque sound principle. In 1957, 1970 and 1985 the organ was changed again with the aim to bring the disposition closer to the original state.

After repeated malfunctions of the organ, the cold winter of 1996 caused such severe damage that repairs no longer made sense. Therefore, a convincing solution could only be found in a new construction, for which the well-known Strasbourg organ-building workshop Daniel Kern was commissioned in 1999.

Tickets: 15 euros, reduced 10 euros

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