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Guided tour in simple language with employees of the Oberlin workshops in Potsdam

Visitors experience a very special guided tour through the new chambers in Sanssouci Park. You will not only learn facts and data. Employees of the Oberlin workshops draw attention to particularly beautiful and interesting details in the castle in easy-to-understand language. This can be a painting or a tiny detail on a chandelier.

The guided tours in simple language were created as part of the cooperation with Oberlin Werkstätten gGmbH and the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg.

The guided tours on May 10th and 14th will take place as part of the 3rd Potsdam Inclusion Days.
Additional information
Meeting point: Main entrance New Chambers of Sanssouci

Booking: Oberlin Workshops, 0331.201 56-11 or at the I-Point in the Oberlin Workshops