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Creative nature connection (in german language)

"Nature Journaling" is a wonderful dance between creative, poetic and also scientific methods through which one can connect with the environment, become curious again and learn to see nature with completely new eyes.

Through conscious and appreciative encounters with the landscape, we give space to our outdoor experiences, celebrating the big and small moments and discoveries that are otherwise easily lost and overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Pen and paper act as a minimalist and effective tool of (re)building the wonderful relationship between humans and nature.

In various exercises we rediscover together the smallest flowers, grasses and beetles as well as trees and entire landscape structures. With drawings we record the shape and color, playfully deal with their essence, and dive into the urban nature of Tempelhofer Feld in a structured way via the scientific measurement and comprehension of correlations in manifold ways.

It's not about drawing pretty pictures, but about your own personal journey - to be curious, playful and creative again and to encounter the wonders of this world with pen and paper.

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Additional information
The three-hour event will take place outside. Please bring clothes warm enough.

Meeting point is at the Info Pavilion, about 350 m straight ahead from the main entrance Columbiadamm, 10965 Berlin, on Tempelhofer Feld.