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Museum Utopia and Everyday Life

The Documentation Center for Everyday Culture of the GDR (DOK) in Eisenhüttenstadt and the Beeskow Art Archive (KAB) have already been working together for several years in terms of content and organization as well as across teams and locations. Together, the two institutions have strategically realigned themselves.

With 170,000 objects of everyday culture and 18,500 works of fine and applied art as well as amateur creativity, both houses preserve a collection of cultural history of the GDR that is exceptional in its scope and composition. At the Eisenhüttenstadt site, the planned city conceived as the "first socialist city" of the GDR, the architectural and urban planning heritage is added to.

In order to express this special density of cultural history as well as the new orientation, both houses will appear in the future in a common corporate design and under a common umbrella brand, the Museum Utopia and Everyday Life: Everyday Culture and Art from the GDR (Beeskow / Eisenhüttenstadt).
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