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Irene Klein, Viola da Gamba und Elina Albach, Cembalo

In the picturesque ambience of the Lehnin monastery church, the international concert virtuosos Irene Klein on the viola da gamba and Elina Albach on the harpsichord play the three gamba sonatas by the great baroque composer J. S. Bach. They are among his best-known chamber music works.

The sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord (BWV 1027–1029) were written in Leipzig between 1730 and 1740, when Bach was working there as Thomaskantor. Although two players can be seen, three voices can always be heard: the sonatas are almost entirely set in counterpoint, the gamba and both hands on the harpsichord are equally involved in the three-part writing.

In this way, this "Trio à deux" conjures up a space-filling sound and invites the listeners in the monastery church to immerse themselves in Bach's gently springing, inspiring work.
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