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Watch, join in and experience history live

Right at the entrance to the Museumsdorf Düppel, a completely revised and redesigned exhibition makes life in the Middle Ages comprehensible. There are stations where you can smell, touch and try things out, and six fictitious residents tell of their everyday lives in the medieval village by means of original excavation finds on display.

The period around 1200 was marked by the settlement of Slavic territories by immigrants from the West and the founding of the Mark Brandenburg. A timeline opens up this development of the region and the associated change in the landscape.

The exhibition conveys historical connections and exciting facts about the village and nature in the open-air museum. Through the honorary commitment of the members of the Fördererkreis Museumsdorf Düppel e.V., the Middle Ages can also be experienced up close in the midst of reconstructed buildings at the original site of an archaeological excavation site.

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5 Euro / 3 Euro (reduced) | up to 18 years free admission