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NO FIASKO - The 40th Stage Anniversary Tour

The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the band Keimzeit. To celebrate the anniversary, the band has recorded a new album, "Kein Fiasko", which brings together everything that has made Keimzeit a steady institution in the more sophisticated German singer-songwriter guild over four decades. The album title, which at first seems a little strange, sets a refreshing counterpoint to the rather uncomfortable Corona times for cultural workers.

KEIMZEIT Bernd Brunert

But Norbert Leisegang wouldn't be who he is if he didn't have his very own view of things: "Many artists are certainly right to moan about the Corona crisis and the cancellation of all the concerts. That stirs up existential fears. I don't like it either. Nevertheless, the time off rather played into my cards. I had a lot of time to sit down to new songs this time, to tinker creatively with lyrics and melodies."

The anniversary album "Kein Fiasko" was recorded in an old barn converted into a studio by keyboarder Andreas Sperling near Luckenwalde and also produced by Sperling. The album was mixed by sound legend Peter Schmidt. The result is 13 songs that are captivating, touching and thought-provoking in their sonic and lyrical uniqueness.

Keimzeit are like a rock in the surf, and after 40 years of band history they know how to do that.

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