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The Los Angeles band have breathed new life into the often underestimated genre of shoegaze. No wonder Julie are considered the new stars of deeply independent indie back home.

Trained on heavy indie rock, grumpy grunge and, of course, shoegaze, the distorted riffs develop into a dissonant noise that stands in wonderful contrast to the sonorous and harmonically diverse vocal lines.

The music, the lyrics, the trio itself - consisting of Alex Brady (vocals and bass), Keyan Zand (vocals and guitar) and Dillon Lee (drums) - always remain a mystery. The texts tell of limbo states and surreal occurrences, it all comes across as very poetic. In addition, they are often lost in the noise walls of guitar, bass and drums and remain only vaguely intelligible. That's how it should be and underlines the game with imponderability.

Julie has only released nine tracks so far. On the EP "Pushing Daisies" and the three singles - "Flutter", "Starjump/Kit" and the recent release "pg.4 A Picture Of Three Hedges/Through Your Window" - the Californians let their loud sound be heard. In August Julie is coming to Berlin for a show.

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